Dating Tips For The Shy Person

Are you a single person who is also shy? Well don’t give up hope because even the shyest of people do manage to find partners. The best way to do that is to always smile even when you feel a little awkward, and more importantly, seek out help from your closest pals and most trusted family members. You should be open to being set up because after all you know the person you are going on a date with comes with references.

Expand your social circle

Friends and family will know people outside of your circle and some of them may have fabulous insight into who would be your perfect match, so it doesn’t harm your chances by leaning on them. You could also try hosting a dinner party and ask everyone you invite to bring a guest you have never met before. That will automatically expand your social circle without even having to leave your living room. Sure, you may not end up with a date but it doesn’t hurt to fine tune your conversation and charm skills.

Find a wing-person

You also need to find yourself a good wing-person, someone who is willing to accompany you to single’s events or give you encouragement whenever you start to feel a little down about the whole dating thing. If you know you need your spirits lifted from time to time, then you should line up the encouragement in advance. You should let your wing-person know what you seek from a partner so they can keep it real when you are doing the post-date analysis.

Practice engaging with strangers

Confidence is an extremely attractive trait, whilst shyness can often come across as disinterest which is unfortunate. This means if you are shy person you should make extra efforts to make eye contact when you meet people and smile. Try and be aware of what your body is telling other people and seek to be approachable. This is not an easy thing by any means and will require practice. One way to achieve it is to challenge yourself to converse with strangers regularly at a coffee shop or at a business meeting.

Sign up for a class

Getting out there is the advice people usually get given when they are looking for a partner. That doesn’t have to mean you need to go to singles clubs or head out on a number of blind dates. You can meet new people just by signing up for a new class. In fact, that way you are more likely to meet more like-minded potential partners if you are doing something together you both enjoy and there is no pressure.

Try online dating

A life-saver for every shy person on the planet is online dating. Platforms like eharmony allow you to create profiles which give you the opportunity to explain to a potential date that you are shy before they have even met you. Someone who is worthwhile will read and understand this fact and know that they need to initiate contact. You could also look up a crush on Facebook and find out whether they are single. You never know a short online conversation may convert into a real life chat the next time you bump into one another.

You will be fine

You have nothing to lose when you go on a first date and remember there is no need for every date to result in a marriage proposal. A first date can simply mean the opportunity to have a coffee with someone new and improve your dating skills. There is no need to feel embarrassed because you are shy and be prepared to laugh about yourself. Give yourself a break, there is no need to be the life of the party and you have permission to be silent and just listen. So long as you respond warmly and honestly, you will do just fine.

Photo by Vitor Pinto on Unsplash

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