Guide To How To Deal With The Third Date

You have gotten past the initial nervousness of the first date, had some great conversation on the second date and now you are on date number three where the magic may well happen. What does it mean if you are out on your third date with someone you are really attracted too? The rule with first dates is to stick to the basics since both of you are nervous and trying to make a good impression.

There is more intent with the third date

The second date is tentative because even though both of you agree you enjoyed yourself enough to want to meet again, you are each still trying to work out what the score is with the other person. The third date however could well be the clincher. Whilst you are still both circling one another, there is more intent, a daytime coffee is now dinner in a restaurant with some wine attached and it is quite possible that things progress to the stage of physical intimacy.

Moving beyond superficial

To begin with all the online communication and initial couple of dates are all about assessing a potential partner at the superficial level. You want to know whether you have similar lifestyles and whether you share similar interest. By the third date you now need to dive deeper and ask the more serious questions. On date number three hopefully you will learn that you both have a similar set of values and share the same hopes for the future.

The question of intimacy

You should by that point be much more informed about whether the both of you are compatible enough for a long-term relationship. Then there is the question of intimacy. If you liked one another then you may well have shared a kiss on the first date and if things continued to go well you may have continued doing so on date number two. By the third date there may well be the expectation that both of you are ready to take things further.

Establish boundaries

Whilst there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to intimacy, you should make the effort to ask yourself some questions as the third date approaches. Do you feel comfortable with him or her? Do you feel a sense of trust has developed? If there is physical intimacy how would you feel if you never heard from them again? How do you expect intimacy to change the relationship? If you have asked these questions then you will have established boundaries and will be emotionally and physically safe. Most of all though, do remember to have fun.

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