How To Feel Better About Yourself And Seem More Attractive To Potential Partners 

There are a few things people can do that will not only improve their online dating experience but will also make them look and feel far more confident and happier. The easiest thing to is start exercising because it releases endorphins which make you feel good and trigger positive feeling as well as reduce stress. There is no better way to feel happier than expressing gratitude. No one wants to be around cynics and negativity, but people do enjoy the company of those who appreciate life and the people in it. 

Grateful & mindfulness 

If you want to be more attractive to people you could try writing three things you feel grateful for before you go to bed every night or whilst you are drinking your coffee in the morning. Also make sure you exhale. Our world is extremely chaotic and not everyone is Buddha but taking a moment every day is a very useful thing to do, especially if you are feeling a little overwhelmed by love or life. Take a deep breath exhale and repeat five or six times and you will feel calmer and less anxious. 


Not everyone is able to be kind to themselves, we are often our worst critics, but you can show kindness to others. That can be a stranger, colleague or friend. An act of kindness no matter what type will make someone feel great but also generate positivity in your own mind. You could for example just give up your seat on a bus or train to someone who seems like they need it. That will definitely generate good vibrations and is guaranteed to make you feel good.  


Get out of your comfort zone and the best way to do that is trying something new. For example, try talking to a complete stranger, or try that new class you have been looking at. When you start something new, you will develop new behaviour patterns that build confidence and that is always attractive to other people and potential life partners in particular. So don’t wait for something to happen, make it happen. 


Much of our experience of the world is derived from our mindset and perception. Instead of perceiving a new challenge as negative or stressful, you should learn to view them as opportunities and the chance to positively grow. If you can do that you should be proud because you will have successfully developed a growth mindset. When you start seeing failure as a step towards success you will feel far more comfortable with it. 


There is no need to be hard core Marie Kondo and start binning books or folding socks, but it is very beneficial to ditch the clutter. It simplifies space leaving room for perhaps a new life partner, but it also allows you to let go to emotional attachments that you probably don’t even know you were holding on too. When you are decluttering the house, use the opportunity to simplify life. You can for example stop following social media accounts that do not deliver happiness. In fact life is probably better in a world free from social media altogether but that is a whole other discussion. 

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