Pitfalls Mature People Should Avoid When Dating

No one ever said dating is easy and it sort of goes without saying that we all have to kiss a few frogs before finding our prince or princess. The biggest challenge most older people say they face is not being able to meet quality partners. Now it would really suck if we lived in a world where there were no quality single people but that simply isn’t the case, there are plenty around.


Plenty of fish in the sea


In Australia there are at least 4 million single people over the age of 35 and those are just the ones that are using online dating so the real number is much higher. If you believe that most of those people aren’t going to fulfil your criteria, you will find that a good number are educated non-smokers who earn more than the median income and live close by. This means it is important to be optimistic about what’s out there because pessimism will only result in remaining single.


Nobody is perfect


There are a few things older people can do to improve their experience dating. They need to know what they want and must have. When we say that we mean what the mature version of your wants and not the teen version who wants things that aren’t important and wouldn’t make you happy anyway. This means giving up on the idea of perfection and finding someone who is real. Your partner doesn’t need to be flawless to be able to have a fulfilling relationship and the reality is that neither do you.


Give the person a chance


Another very important thing people need to do is to give the person a chance. Many people simply decide within the first ten minutes of meeting someone whether they are life partner material or not. That is not enough time to properly arrive at a reasonable assessment. The decision to quickly dismiss someone is usually about protecting one’s self rather than any fault with the person sitting in front of you because there is no risk that you will actually start dating.


There are good people out there


What you need to do is develop a list of qualities values and behaviours that you are looking for in a person whom you spend time with. More importantly you need to look at this list and decide whether it is realistic and whether this type of person even exists? From there you can refine the list, from must-have’s to nice-to-have’s and finally don’t care anymore. If you want to find a life partner or someone to spend time with, it is important to let go of the idea that there are no good single people. If you can do that you will find some good single people sitting there waiting to meet you.

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