What Is The Next Step After A Good First Date? 

So, you went out on your first date and the day after, you think there may well have been some chemistry between the two of you. So, the question then becomes one of what to do next, and that is a question that leaves many people tied up in knots. The key to moving forward and dealing with this issue is communication and here are a few tips for working out how to get to round two after a great night out. 

Everything you feel is perfectly normal 

It is perfectly normal if you have a thousand thoughts running through your head. You want to know whom should initiate contact, how long the wait should be before making a move and whether the other person feels the way you do. It is also completely natural if you feel nervous, terrified and excited simultaneously during the initial stages of getting to know someone. 

Be polite 

You don’t want to come across as too keen and scare someone off, but on the other hand you don’t want to deliver the impression that you are uninterested by seeming too aloof. Remember your date will probably be having the same thoughts as you. It doesn’t matter how you feel about the person you went on your first date with, the polite thing to do is send them a message soon after your date ends and thank them for spending time with you. 

Decide the next move after reflection 

You don’t need to send a message that seems needy and anyone who thinks that is a waste of time anyway. A short thank you is non-committal. You should do the post mortem analysis in the cold light of the next day. If you decide after reflecting on the date that you wish to see the person again, then don’t be shy. Send them a message and say so, there is no need to wait and have them make the first move. You can send an email, text or even call them. 

Be gracious and don’t take it personally 

There is no minefield of etiquette that needs to be navigated. You could choose to send flowers or cup cakes if you feel inclined. Don’t delay though and make sure you act within 48 hours of the first date. Any longer and that comes across as seeming uninterested. The reason online dating is such a powerful method for finding a partner is there are so many compatible matches to choose from. The more dates you go on, the more likely you will find dates that don’t work but that is true for everyone. Ideally just be upfront and gracious if you don’t want to take things further and don’t take it personally if you never hear back from a date. 






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